Other ultralight related WWW sites

If you have an ultralight / microlight related WWW page and you would like it listed here, drop me a note and I'll add you. (If you have an aviation related site which is not ultralight / microlight related, and are wondering wether or not you can include it here, see "ultralight / microlight related" above. :-)

Some sites do apply to both GA and ultralights / microlights, but sites such as those which offer aircraft sales would not be considered applicable. (unless the aforementioned site has a definite ultralight / microlight "section".)

This policy is not because I am biased against GA or anything of the like. It is because this is an ultralight / microlight related site, and I want to keep it that way. Abundant GA info is already available from the "Other aviation related sites" off the main page.

If I have listed your WWW page here, and you would rather it not be listed, let me know and I'll delete it.
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* The "A Beginner's Buide to Ultralight Flying" Page.

* The Aerial Pursuits Home Page.

* The Aero Club of South Africa's Home Page.

* Aero Sports Connection.

* Air Création.

* The Air Creation Trike Home Page.

Air Escape.

* Air-Tech, Inc.

* Aircraft Sales of Central Ohio.

* A.K.S. Inc..

* Arizona Light Aircraft's Home Page.

* The Arlington Northwest EAA Home Page

The Australian Ultralight Federation's Home Page.

* Aviation Adventures

* BAer Home Page.

* Ron Benson's Home Page.

* Blackstone Laboratories' Home Page.
(The above technically isn't specifically "ultralight related", but I figured that what with the tempermental nature of many 2-strokes, some people may find it useful...)

Bob Essell Air Shows (Father and daughter ultralight wingwalking team).

* Charlie Boehnlein's Homepage.

* Boonah Sport Aviation Centre.

* Brian Ranch Airport.

Bright Aviation.

* The British Microlight Aircraft Association's Home Page.

* Broomstick's Home Page.

* BRS's Home Page.

* The BUCKEYE Home Page.

* Building an Aventura II.

* Buzzman Aviation's Ultralight News / Web magazine.

* Canadian Powered Parachutes Ltd. .

Canadian Ultralight Information Web Page.

* The CAUFO's Home Page.

CGS Aviation.

* The Centre de Formation Aéronautique Gamelin's Home Page.

Czechmates L.L.C. - GYRO Inc..

* Don Tuer's Challenger Home Page

Larry's Challenger Building Site

* The Cheeky Home Page

* Copperstate Regional EAA Fly-In.
* The Club Esportivo de Ultra-leve Home Page.

* Cosmos US.

* Leo Costantino's Flying Page.

* DAeC-German-Ultralight-Info (Auswahlseite) .

Danish Ultralight Flying Association.

David's Plain Plane Page.

* Del's Flying Page.

* Deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband.

* Dreamality Technologies, Inc..

* John Dyer's Aviation Page.

* Erie Airpark.

* Excalibur Aircraft.

* The Fidiration Frangaise de Planeur Ultra-liger Motorisi. (French Federation of Microlights)

* Fisher 303 Project Homepage.

* Fisher Flying Products.

* Flight For Cancer's Home Page.

* Flight Team (Ultraleichtflugzeuge & Flugschule).

* Flightline Television.

* Flightstar's Home Page.

* Fly Synthesis.

* The Flying Scotsman. (Pete Murdoch)

* The Flying Scotsman. (Colin MacKinnon)

* Fox Valley Flying Club.

Future Flight, Inc..

Gilby's Home Page.

* Glenn's Powered Parachute Photo Page.

* Dan Grunloh's Home Page.

* Heck's Aerotic Homepage.

* Curt Hughes' Home Page.

* I.C.P. Aircraft.

* Inland Paraflite, Inc.

* Innovation Engineering (Maker of Genesis, SkyQuest and Revelation aircraft)

* The Italian Ultralight Home Page.

* Ivoprop Home Page.

* The Jabiru Homepage.

* Kolb Aircraft.

Kolb Repair Services.

* Laron Aviation Technologies, Inc.

* Leading Edge Air Foils

Vic Leggott's Home page.

* Leicestershire Microlight Aircraft Club.

* Leza-Lockwood Corporation.

Liberty Air Sports.
(Liberty AirSports in Hiram, Ohio - UL flight instruction, sales & service by Bob Essell)

* Lockwood Aviation Supply.

* Gary Mac's Home Page.

* Jim Marby's Home Page.

* MASQUITO Home Page.


* Merlin Aircraft's Home Page.

* The Microlight Flyers of Wisconsin's Home Page (EAA UL Chapter #1).

Microlight Flying in South Africa

* Microlight to Sydney (Colin Boduill's charity flight from London to Sydney in a Mainair Blade 912)

* The Mid-Atlantic Powered Parachuting Club

* The Midwest Ultralight Association #78's Home Page.

* Bob Moore's 1/2 VW Powered MiniMax.

* Jim Mullins' Home Page.

* Nick's Microlight Pages

* The Nando Groppo Homepage

* Norm and Dee's Web Page

* Nu Age Ultralight Inc.

* The Okanagan Ultra Light Association

* Oscar's Virtual World

* Østfold Mikroflyklubb's hjemmeside.

* Pacific Flyer Australia

* The Paramotor Home Page

* ParaPower Powered Paragliding

* Parascender Technologies, Inc.

* Paraski International's Home Page

* Para-Trek Ultralights

* Paso Robles Ultralight Association

* Pegasus Aviation's Home Page

* Pegasus Aviation Indonesia

* Personal Flight's Home Page

* Joe Petty's Home Page

* Plum Island Flyers Club

* Bruce Porter's Home Page

* Charlie Porter's Mini Straton D7 Home Page

* Powered Parachutes of Illinois

* Powered Parachuting Information & Links

* Powered Paragliding in South Africa

* Powerfin, Inc.

* Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corp

* Quicksilver Aircraft

* Quicksilver Ultralight Flight Center

* The Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ

* REMOS Aircraft GmbH

* The Right Altitude Microlight School's Home Page (Australia)

* The River Rat Ranch

* RONAIR Aviation Services

* Rusty's SlingShot Page

* Sabre Air Sports (UK microlight training school)

The Sabre Triker's Home Page

* Mike Saxon's UL page

* The Sky Adventures Directory of UltraLight Home Pages.

* The Sky Eye Video Mount.

* Skyflyte Ultralight Aircraft. (Australia ultralight training school)

SkySports International.

* Spartan Microlights.

Sport Flight Aviation.

* The Sport Plane & Ultralight Flight Center.

* The State Line Airpark Home Page.

Stoddard Aerospace.

* Subaroo Specialties.

* The Sun 'n fun Home Page.

* T-Bird Aviation's Home Page.

The TRADER. (Ultralight "trade-a-plane")

Tri-State Kite Sales.

* The Trike Page.

* The TUF-1 Radio Controlled Ultralight Kit.

* ULM Europe.

Ultraflight Aviation, Ltd.

* Ultraleggeri on line.

* Ultraleves no Brasil.

* Ultralight Squadron of America's Home Page.

* Ultralight Flyer Online.

* The Ultra Light Flying Club.

* Ultralight Flying! Magazine.

The Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada

* The Ultralights of Sacramento Home Page.

* UltraSky Flight Centre.

* US Aviator's Home Page.

* The United States Ultralight Association.

* The Versacom Avionics Home Page.

* The Virginia State EAA Fly-In.

* Voilerie Air Terre Mer

* Vortech, Inc.

* Whidbey Island Flying Machines' Home Page.
* Willem's Internet Home Page.

Will's FireStar II

Peter Woodliffe-Thomas' Microlight Flying Pages

* Woodstock Flight Center

* Woody's Microlight Homepage

* Zanklites

* The Zenith Aircraft Company's Home Page.
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