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Please Note:

If you are sending me a question about an ultralight brand, manufacturer, etc. chances are the answer is, "I don't know". :-) No, really! Everything I know about ultralights, I have made available to you via the Ultralight Home Page. There is little chance that I have information that is not on the page. Such a thing would eat at me, and I would get no sleep until I made it available to all of you. :-)

As the sole creator and administrator (i.e. No technical support staff) ;-) of the Ultralight Home Page, I find myself flooded at times, with mail containing suggestions, comments, information, etc. However, many messages are from people who are trying to get suggestions about what kind of ultralight they can buy, where they can get training, are there any ultralighters in such-and-such an area, etc. I try to answer each and every one of these queries, but I am just one person, and as such, have a limited knowledge and information base to work from. Invariably, I will suggest to these folks that they post a query to the FLY-UL mailing list or to the rec.aviation.ultralight newsgroup. There are many people there who are much more knowledgeble than I. It is very important to get opinions from as many people as possible when trying to make a decision or locate information. I can give you only one (invariably biased) opinion. The forums above can give you hundreds of such opinions. (See the Internet Accessible Information section for more information about them.)

This may sound as if I am unappreciative of the mail I recieve and I am trying to duck it, but this really isn't the case. I love to hear from fellow ultra/micro lighters, but I think that to restrict your exposure to just my opinion is severely limiting to yourself and can bias any decisions you are trying to make.

If I have an opinion on whatever it is you are trying to ask me, I'll give it to you (and probably point you toward the aforementioned forums for more), but if not, you're likely to get "Gee, I dunno... Why don't you ask in...". :-) I've been doing a lot of that lately, which makes me realize just how little I really know, despite all the knowledge I've been able to assimilate so far.

Anyway, if you feel the question you are about to ask me would be better served by a much larger base of people more (and less) knowledgeble than I, then by all means, use the mailing list(s) and newsgroup(s) instead!

(Please note: My current e-mail response time is approximately 3-4 weeks.) :-(
(If I'm lucky.) :-(

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