Contributors to the Ultralight Home Page

My hearty thanks goes out to the following people for their contributions to the Ultralight Home Page, as well as their support of aviation and the ultralight community in general:

(Airfield / Airport contributors are listed separately, on the Airfield / Airport page.)
(Graphics contributors are listed separately, on the graphics page.)
(Stories/Reports contributors are listed separately, on the Stories/Reports page.)

* Michael Bradford (usua3@aol.com)- Contributed:
* Broomstick (brumstik@interaccess.com) - Contributed, HTML'd, and maintains:
* Robert Comperini (robertc@qnet.com) - Contributed:
* Ed D'Antoni (ed.dantoni@bbs.logicnet.com) - Contributed:
* Flavio Giacosa (F.Giacosa@areacom.it) - Contributed:
* Dan Grunloh (grunloh@uiuc.edu)- Contributed:
* E. F. Heck (heck@worldaccess.nl)- Contributed:
* David Hempy (hempy@inslab.uky.edu)- Contributed:
* Burgess Howell (bfhowell@hiwaay.net)- Contributed:
* Geoff Peck (geoff@peck.com)- Contributed:
* Dagley Reeves(titan@interramp.com)- Contributed:
* Jerry Rooks (jerryrooks@juno.com)- Created:

I'd like to thank Christopher J.S. Vance, creator and maintainer of De Vexillis, (now Flags of the World the source of the world flags found on various portions of this site.

And of course, many thanks to all the helpful people who have submitted comments, ideas, aircraft specifications, instructor names, updates, and so on, which add so much to the growth and accuracy of this site.
If I'm using something of yours and you feel you shoule be included on this page, please let me know so I can correct this oversight.
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