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If you have a map of or info about an Ultralight / Microlight "friendly" airfield you would like to contribute, send it to me and I'll gladly include it. Info about how to send such things to me can be found via the "Help me to make this page better" link, off the main page.


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Note: For some airports, you can click on the AirNav logo to pull up the information on that airport from the AirNav web site. Try it, you'll like it. ;-)

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The following was posted on the ultralight-flight mailing list by Phil Hazen. (p.hazen@pt.com):

A buddy of mine ordered and received the handbook advertised in Octobers EAA Experimenter (and Sport Aviation) that Charles Boehnlein mentioned earlier this week in his posting.

Ultralight Vehicles: Access in the General Aviation Environment - A Handbook for Ultralight Pilots (and Other Interested Folk)

Call EAA at 1-800-843-3612 and ask for: PLU #21-13097
It will cost $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

It appears to be a very good reference for any ultralight pilot who wants to know which airports seem to permit ultralight activity and which ones don't allow it. It lists the airports by state and city. It also explains the FAA's position on allowing ultralights to have access to certain airports. For ultralight pilots who are having trouble gaining access to their local uncontrolled airport (that has accepted public funds), it has a suggested procedure that can be followed in dealing with both the airport owner and the FAA. It lists the FAR's and other reference information that may be needed to back up the contention that ultralights can and should be allowed access to certain airports. Sample letters and forms are included. In some cases the town board may even need to be drawn into these matters.

The handbook is about one inch thick. I think it is a good investment even if you don't have any access problems in your flying area. When I take a trip/vacation, I always enjoy visiting local flying fields to see what other ultralight groups are doing. I now have a good source for finding those airports that are likely to have some UL activity.

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