Ultralight / Microlight Clubs


Our Association is headquartered at a strip on the outskirts of Harare, called Komani. It is a grass strip 08/260 about 800m long at an altitude of 4620 asl. There are 120 members with 25 aircraft hangered there, 2 three axis ( Thunderbird and Mizer) although we real flyers dont consider them to be microlites( grin). There are also 8 trikes at present, two COSMOS 6 Windlass and my Aerotrike. The standard engine is the Rotax 503. About 5km West of Komani is a hanger and private strip with three Windlass and about 7km NE another similar setup with 4 Windlass and an AVIAN which is the locally designed and built unit.

About 40km SW is aguy who operates about 4 Thunderbirds as a commercial crop spraying outfit, he also maintains and sells Rotax for those who need the service.

In addition to these small groups there is a number of farmers who operate outside the city totalling about 65 we think. They generally belong to the ZMAA and come to the monthly meetings when they can. There are also guys building kit planes but, geez , do they seem to take forever.

At Komani we have a club house with all the usual facilities. We organise fly ins, fly aways, major cross countries involving being away for three nights or more, sky diving and generally good times.

A lot of us now fly with ballistic chutes, virtually everyone has radio and we fly a lot.

Thanks to Keith Battye (kbattye@hudaco.gaia.co.zw) for the above information!

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