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The Western Cape Microlight Club: This club is one of the oldest and strongest in the country, and has now been going for 10 years, and has an active membership of 115 pilots, most of whom fly in the Western Cape.

Regular meetings are held at the clubhouse on the last Wednesday of every month, with an average attendance of 50 members. A monthly newsletter is circulated, and their pub even shows a profit every month!

These southerners got sick and tired of mountains and wind in 1991, and organized the first Kalahari Desert Bundu Bash (literally, as one of then flew into a donkey - and them swore blind that the donkey must have been at 200 feet AGL). This has become a popular annual event, and the next one will be held in June 1996. Contact the club for details.

Club chairman is Charl Starke -

P.O. Box 96
Durbanville, 7550
South Africa
Home Page:
Tel: 021-963060

Many thanks to Barry Culligan (otto@icon.co.za) for the above info!
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