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A new era of recreational aviation is taking hold in America and all over the world, and ultralights are leading the way. It's the magic of simple, elemental, pure flight - the wind in your face, an unobstructed view, exploring the countryside at 40 mph. All of this is a compelling and powerful experience. As more and more people like you are exposed to the joys and fulfillment of ultralight flying, it is not surprising that the U. S. Ultralight Association (USUA) is the fastest growing aviation association in America.

And now, you can fly along too. USUA and Ultralight Flying! Magazine are your starting point to the world of low, slow and affordable flying - ultralight flying!

About the U.S. Ultralight Association

USUA is the organization whose members seek to "Promote, Protect and Represent" ultralight aviation in the United States. In 1992, membership increased to over 7,500 ultralight enthusiasts. With this additional support, USUA has been able to better serve the interests of its members and the ultralight community.

What can USUA do for you? And how can you get started? It's easy...

Ultralight Instructors - USUA maintains registrations and listings for Basic and Advanced Ultralight Instructors. These instructors are located across the country, and are waiting to help you explore the mechanics of ultralight flying. Whether you are just starting out in aviation or are in high time "conventional" pilot, getting some stick time accompanied by a professional ultralight flight instructor will be your entry point to ultralight aviation. In fact, USUA instructors trained over 5,000 students last year. You can be one of those students.

Ultralight Club Network - Where can you go in your are to see ultralights fly and talk to the people who fly them? Contacting a local ultralight club is the answer. USUA operates a network of over 90 ultralight clubs, and can put you in touch with the one nearest you. Whether you have started flying or not, joining a USUA club is a great way to enhance your ultralight experience. There are breakfast fly-outs, weekend flights, week-long cross-country trips, hangar flying, barbecues, flying tips... just a few of the benefits when you join in with the members of your local ultralight club.

Additional Benefits - Pilot and Ultralight Vehicle Registration Programs Ultralight Flightpark Listings National Ultralight Representation in Washington, D.C. Ultralight Decals Ultralight Manufacturer and Accessory Suppliers Discount Coupons Representation to the Air Sports Council and National Aeronautic Association Much More!

Thanks to the members of USUA, flying slowly today is more than a memory - it's the very future of flying for fun. When you add your voice to those speaking out in defense of self-regulated ultralight flying, you are doing way more than just joining an association. You're helping to shape that future.

The official magazine of the U.S. Ultralight Association is Ultralight Flying!, the only publication in America dedicated solely to the sport of ultralighting. Ultralight Flying! has been in publication for over 18 years and offers you articles and information by ultralight industry leaders and professionals not found in any other magazine. We are the undisputed ultralight experts.

What can you expect in each monthly issue of Ultralight Flying!?

Flight Reports - Each issue of UF! contains an ultralight plane evaluation by Flight Reporter Dan Johnson. Dan brings over 25 years and 4,000 hours of flight experience to his evaluations, helping you make an informed ultralight purchase by telling you all about how the ultralight handles, prices and specifications, the manufacturer's track record and more. Essential reading before the purchase of a new or used ultralight.

"Industry Watch" and "Flightlines" - Our monthly "Industry Watch" column features pages of all the newest ultralight planes, products, and accessories that help make your ultralighting even more fun. "Flightlines" features the latest news and information on ultralight aviation such as upcoming cross-country trips you can join, fun competition meets, political news and more. Our years in the business give us the contacts to get you the hottest news - while it is still hot.

"Wingtips" - Longtime ultralight aviation author Dennis Pagen brings you monthly tips on how to improve your flying skills and weather knowledge.

Headquarters Report - Each month you'll receive the latest information on the world of ultralighting in the U.S. Ultralight Association Headquarters Report. Reports from FAA concerning ultralighting; club information; accident reports; airsports activities; Director's Memo; member portraits and much more. News from ultralighters - about ultralighters - you won't find in any other publication.

Feature Stories - Cross-country flights like Rick Trader's trip in an ultralight from New Jersey to Alaska and back home; how to deal with FAA; engine maintenance; satellite navigation; how to preflight your ultralight; humor articles; ultralight event and airshow coverage; and many more monthly features including pages of classified ads highlighting ultralight dealers and new and used ultralights for sale.

Special Issues and Sections - UF! devotes special sections and even entire issues during the year to special topics of the most interest to ultralighters. Sections like the U.S. Ultralight Flight Park Guide, Ultralight Club Showcase, Event and Airshow Previews and...

The Annual Ultralight Buyer's Guide - This is the issue any aspiring ultralight pilot can't do without. Photos, prices, specifications, performance figures and more on over 130 models of single- and two-place ultralights, trikes and powered parachutes.

...Plus - Where to go to get started Complete list of ultralight regulations Help in selecting the ultralight that's right for you The complete "How to Get Started in Ultralights" primer!

Ultralight Flying! has been called the ultralight industry's "bible". It adds so much to your ultralight experience, you won't want to miss a single issue!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the thousands who have experienced the thrill of flying ultralights. Let the U.S. Ultralight Association and Ultralight Flying! magazine show you how easy it is to get started.

Request a membership application today:

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Snail-mail: P.O. Box 667 Frederick, MD 21705
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Telephone: (301)695-9100

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