UL fly!

		I wish I were , I wish I might,
	be flying this thing they call " Ultralight ",
		encased in tubing, fabric, and wire,
	my hopes to fly, I dare aspire.
		Searching high, and searching lo,
	for that someone, to teach me so
		that I might reach a higher " plane ",
	but, alas, so far, my search in vain.
		I have waited, oh so patiently,
	to enter that world, above the trees,
		to dance with wind, and touch the sky,
	to this end, I can but try
		to find the one who's help will be
	instrumental in setting my heart free.
		But, wait; a beep, an E-mail appears,
	could it be, after all these years,
		that there is the slightest chance to fly,
	before I grow old, still flightless, and die?
		My heart beats faster, my breath comes quick,
	for I've grown tired of all this schtick,
		and want to go where others fly,
	in that big, blue ocean of air, the sky!
		So, now I wait for the phone to ring,
	for the call that  makes my little heart sing,
		Come fly today, the weathers great,
	the instructor sez, And don't be late.
		Doing touch and go's, stalls, and turns,
	this stuff makes your stomach churn,
		to learn to fly can be demanding,
	but when it's right, you grease the landing!
		McFly, Grunloh, Jon, and Moore,
	you guys have helped me know the score,
		be safe up there, whilst you fly,
	by tempting fate one sure might die!
		Let's not forget Brumstik and Arty,
	those ladies who contribute to the party,
		and others here, who've taught me much,
	that might just save me in the clutch!
		I guess I have now to but wait,
	and see what is to be my fate,
		when going solo is in my power, 
	will the instructor send me to the shower?
				Jerry Casper

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