Fatal Accidents, 1997

January, 1997

Where:A small town near Leon, Spain.
When: January 12, 1997
What: Homebuilt of unspecified type
How: The aircraft caught fire just before or shortly after takeoff
Injuries: Pilot killed
Training & Experience of Pilot: Unknown
Notes:Cause of fire unknown

February, 1997

Where:Loudon, Tennessee, United States
When: February 2, 1997
What: Sabre Trike
How:The pilot encountered some cross winds and went down in the trees near his house. The trike burst into flames upon impact and it is presumed that the pilot died instantly.
Injuries: Pilot killed
Experience & Training of Pilot:Had some training, but probably minimal overall, and minimal in trikes.
Notes:This area in Tennessee is composed of several parallel ridges approximately 400ft high, and turbulence over each ridge is to be expected. Thermals from the valleys tend to ride up the ridges where they release and travel upwards to about 1000 ft. It is possible, due to the small amount of training an experience, that the pilot was unaware of this type of 'micro weather'. At the time of the crash the wind on the ground was around 7mph but such ridge formations as described can lead to very different winds at altitude.

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